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Studio A, with a large live room is perfect for tracking bands, ensembles, choirs, and orchestral sessions.  The large control room houses a SSL 9080 XL series console, custom Dynaudio monitoring, and an array of classic outboard gear with surround sound mix capability. The studio has been designed to maximize visual communication with floor-to-ceiling glass and large daylight windows. The studio is completed by a private lounge situated next to the control room.


Studio A comprises the main room and three ISO rooms with distinct acoustic properties: a large main room area, an isolation / Piano room, and two additional isolation rooms. Each room features high ceilings and excellent lines of sight for musicians and engineers. All of these areas have the added and somewhat exceptional advantage of natural daylight and the main area can handle demanding tracking and orchestral sessions of up to 30 players.


Studio A has historically been popular with some of the industry’s most well-known artists as well as ADR Sessions for films, and video shoots for artists, organizations, and award shows.

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Studio B is the newly certified DOLBY ATMOS 9.1.4 mixing room for music and television.” to “Studio B is Dolby Atmos® Certified 9.1.4 and capable of state-of-the-art post production for immersive film, episodic, and music mixing.


The studio has a very private feel and has its own lounge. The isolation room is large and has natural lighting As well as being a great tracking room, Studio B is also one of the most sought-after ADR rooms in the Southeast.

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Studio C _inciite Studios

Studio C is a perfect space for sessions that don't require the large space and equipment of studios A and B. Primarily a 5.1 ProTools | HD suite, this room is perfect for sound design, editorial, overdubs, and mix or pre-mix work. 


Additionally, a sound isolation booth is attached to the room which allows for voice-overs, ADR, or music overdubs and is a favorite for book publishers for audiobook recordings.

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We understand our clients benefit from the creative and inspirational atmosphere within our studios and Studio D is a ProTools | HD suite and provides the perfect environment to enhance the creative process whether you are in serious editing mode, or in the creative process of songwriting, programming, or demos.

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Studio E is in:ciite’s  audio and video editorial Suite. Featuring Adobe Creative Suite for video and graphics editing and ProTools audio editing this room has a large screen, color-neutral decor in grey and blacks for accurate viewing, and comfy seating, this room is regularly used for feature film screenings.

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