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Download a Complete equipment list & description

Studio C is a perfect space for sessions that don't require the large space and equipment of studios A and B. Primarily a 5.1 ProTools | HD suite, this room is perfect for sound design, editorial, overdubs, and mix or pre-mix work. 


Additionally, a sound isolation booth is attached to the room which allows for voice-overs, ADR, or music overdubs and is a favorite for book publishers for audiobook recordings.

PLEASE NOTE: (Coming Soon!)

The newest upgrade to its listing of studios is Studio C, previously an Avid-centric 5.1 Pro Tools | HD suite with isolation booth will now be the second Dolby Atmos® mixing and production suite at in:ciite. Plans to enhance the suite to a 9.1.4 configuration for immersive sound design and mixing with Dutch Dutch 8C LCR’s, Neumann KH 120s, and Neumann  KH 810 Subs. The desk will include Avid Dock, SSLUF8 (x2), UF1, and UC1 Controllers.

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